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Here at North West Ready Mix, we don’t just deliver to Lancashire; we also deliver concrete services in Rochdale and many other areas in Greater Manchester.

Rochdale is a small industrial town in the South Pennines – if you live or work around the Greater Manchester area, we can cater for your concreting needs…

No matter how big or small your planned project is, we have an ever extending range of ready mixed concreting services to help you on your way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge railway replacement or a small garage base replacement, we can help you with all jobs, no matter how big or small they are.

If you’re looking at concreting for industrial or agricultural work, we have a range of the highest quality strengthened concreting materials to help. If the area you are concreting will have loads of traffic passing over it during its lifetime, we can strengthen the concrete with reinforcing fibres, meaning there’ll be no signs of damage or cracks for years to come…

We will deliver all of our ready mixed concrete in Rochdale using our high tech volumetric mixer– which can transport up to 10 cubic metres of concrete at one time. However, if you accidentally ordered too much concrete, you’ll only be charged for what you use, as we are firm believers in you only pay for what you lay!

From barrow mixing, to ready mixed concrete and foam concreting, all of our services are mixed freshly on site, allowing you extra time to start working on your concrete before it begins to set.

This applies to our barrow mixing services in Rochdale; barrow mix is perfect for small to medium sized projects, such a garden paths and other concreting jobs around the home. Like our ready mixed services, the concrete will be mixed freshly on site in our mixer, but our team will use barrows to transport it from mixer to the site as quickly and tidily as possible; leaving behind no mess for you to clean up later. As long as it’s not over 50 metres or up a steep hill, we will go out of our way to help you as much as we possibly can. As the concrete is fresh, you’ll have plenty of time to start laying, so there’s no excuses for any lumps or bumps!

Floor screeding in Rochdale is also available; it’s perfect for commercial areas such as the home. The mix of sand and cement is perfect for removing moisture from the floor – something that can often cause cracking in the future. Not only does screeding help the floor underneath, it also makes the floor look a lot smoother.

So, no matter what project you’re looking to take on, North West Ready Mix has a range of ready mix and barrow mix concreting solutions to suit you. Whether you’re in Rochdale or anywhere else around the Greater Manchester and Lancashire region, we’ll provide nothing but excellent customer service and the highest quality materials until you get the job done.