Ready Mixed Concrete

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Here at Northwest Ready Mix, we provide a massive range of ready mixed concreting services around Lancashire, Whether you’re planning home improvements or you’re in the industry undergoing new projects, our unique services are guaranteed to help.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small driveway or an extensive railway or commercial project; our catalogue of concrete services are organised around you, your needs and requirements.

No matter where you are in the north west. We are here to help. Our ready mix concrete is great for any project, no matter what size…

From volumetric mixed concrete to domestic, foundation mix to agricultural and commercial – each mix has it’s own specification making it perfect for whatever job you have in mind.

So, if you’re looking for ready mixed concrete services in Lancashire, here’s how our services will benefit you:
  • We only mix what you require, so there’s no wastage – meaning we’re friendly to your pocket, we’re firm believers in you only pay what you lay! Our concrete is mixed freshly on site, so there’s no risk of under or over ordering, this also allows you more time to perfect laying the concrete as it will have more time to start drying.
  • We deliver ready mixed concrete in Blackburn, Colne, Pendle, Clitheroe and many other areas around Lancashire and Greater Manchester – if you’re not on our list, we’ll try our best to cater to you.
  • Our mix is a dry mix of raw materials, meaning it can be easily altered for your requirements and circumstances. We can deliver up to 10 cubic meters at one time, enabling the job to get finished quickly and effortlessly without having to go back and forth.
Now you know the benefits, let’s go into it in a little more detail of the ready mixed concrete services we have to offer.

Our domestic ready mixed concrete is designed for use around the home; paths and driveways as well as shed and garage bases are what this concrete mix is used for. The finish is smooth and effective, providing functional as well as structural support for your project, no matter what is it you’re doing. Like all our other ready mixed concrete services, it’s mixed on site for the perfect amount and type to suit you. Another ready mixed concrete we offer is foundation mix, which is used for strip footings, rafts, pilings and foundations.

Our agricultural and commercial mix is designed to be extra strong, usually for heavy duty and agricultural projects. As we mix everything on site to your specifications, we can also add reinforcing fibres to add extra strength to your concrete mix.
All of our concrete services are there to make your project go as seamlessly as possible – we aim to make every project tailored to you, and aim to make it as cost effective for you as we can…
Just remember; you only pay for what you lay, there’s no waste as its mixed by the machine on site, so if you need a little more you can have it, if you need less that’s okay too.
We aim to cater for everyone in and around the M65 region; we aim to offer our ready mixed concrete services in Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Rossendale and other Lancashire regions, as well as Greater Manchester and North Cheshire.

As well as ready mixed concrete, North West Ready Mix also offer:

  • Floor Screeding: Screeding is a concrete base when laying a floor, ensuring it maintains strength and repels water, producing an even, solid base. Screeding is paramount in creating a smooth floor, reducing the possibility of cracks appearing in future years. North West Ready Mix provides high quality screeding above other competitors, thanks to it being made fresh on site instead of arriving pre-bottled – this not only allows extra time to lay and perfect your screed, but it also gives you the opportunity to add extra ingredients to the mix to maintain strength.
  • Barrow Mixed Concrete: Barrow mixed concrete services are ideal for small DIY and garden projects within a household or small area. Each mixer carries two wheel barrows for the customers use. The barrows are supplied on the basis of the customer has their own labourers to transport the concrete. Unlike large industrial projects where the concrete can be delivered directly from the mixer, barrow mixed concrete allows you to reach areas which the mixer cannot. For barrow mixed concrete service in Lancashire, keep North West Ready Mix and North West Grab Hire in mind.
  • Other services: foam concrete and concrete pumping. For more information, feel free to give our Burnley office a call on 01282 839704.

So, if you’re in need of any of our ready mixed concrete services, just remember, you only pay for what you lay – meaning our services are as kind to the environment as they are to your pocket!

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