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Preston is the centre of Lancashire, earning the title of city back in 2002. Home to Preston North End Football Club and the University of Central Lancashire, this former textile town continues to grow more by the day…

If you looking for ready mix concrete services in Preston, why not take a look at what North West Ready Mix has to offer?

We are one of the leading suppliers of ready mix and barrow mix concrete services in Lancashire, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality materials combined with the best customer service we can offer.

Our massive range of services are great for any project; whether you’re in the industry or just looking to do a bit of DIY, take a look at our ready mixed services; you won’t be disappointed.

Firstly, we are firm believers in you only pay what you lay, so if we get to the work site and you have accidentally under or over ordered how much concrete you actually need, you will only pay for what you go on to use. We can also happily mix more of our dry mix of raw materials on site, saving time having to come back another day.

As we mix all of our ready mix services on site, you will also have plenty of time to get on with laying your concrete – meaning there’s no excuse not to have a perfectly even and unlumpy surface!

If you’re looking to do a small project, our barrow mixing service is perfect for you. Like our other concrete services, we mix it on site for you; so you can have a say in what extra materials are added to your concrete, depending on what you need it for.

The defining factor of barrow mixing is that we move the concrete from the mixer to the site using barrows, allowing our workers to deliver your ready mix right where you need it. Barrow mixing is perfect if your job is something small like a garden path or drive; no matter which small domestic job it is, our barrow mix service in Preston is the perfect choice.

We also have other concreting services available; from concrete pumping to foam concrete, we have plenty of solutions to suit our customers needs.

Another popular service of ours is floor screeding. We can help if you need floor screed in Preston, as our services are unique to the rest. Unlike many companies who pre-mix there screed, we mix our floor screeding on site. The fact the screed is fresh means you have plenty of time to perfect your floor. It also means you can add extra high quality materials to the mix, depending on whether your new floor will be hard wearing or not.

So no matter if your project is commercial or agricultural; whether it’s a small garden or a massive motorway; our range of ready mix services are all designed to make your project as seamless as possible. Our raw materials are all of the highest quality – meaning the finished work will be of the highest standard. No matter what concreting service in Preston you need, North West Ready Mix is here to help.