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Clitheroe is a small town in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire, home to quaint shops and countryside, as well as their very own castle.

If you’re from this neck of Lancashire, North West Ready Mix can deliver ready mixed concrete in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley area…

No matter what project you are planning, we will have a concrete solution to suit you. We go out of our way to help our customers and make your concreting projects as cost effective as possible. We believe in the fact you should only pay for what you lay, so if you’ve accidentally ordered too much or too little, you’ll only pay for what you go on to use…This applies to all of our ready mixed concreting services, no matter is that’s ready mix, barrow mix or floor screed.

All of our concrete services are also prepared fresh on site; allowing you plenty of time to lay and perfect you concrete before it begins to set.

We use the highest quality raw materials in our concrete, to ensure you receive the highest standard concrete service as possible – no matter what task the concrete will be used for, we can cater it for you needs.

If you’re undergoing agricultural concreting work, we can reinforce the strength of the concrete by adding reinforcing fibres to create and ultimately strong formula, perfect for heavy wearing areas that will receive plenty of traffic during their lifetime.

However, if you’re looking for a concrete service that is for more of a commercial use; like a pathway or driveway, or maybe a garage base, we have a perfect concrete mix for this task too, as the finish often has to be more smooth and presentably layed than those in a more agricultural setting.

Floor screed is also paramount to achieving a lump free, sleek surface in a commercial setting – the cement like material is a mix of sand and cement ensures limited moisture in your flooring, which can often leads to further problems if it’s too wet. Floor screed is needed before the bonding stage, it’s a massive step in creating an even floor to be proud of!

At North West Ready Mix, we have a unique floor screeding service, as we mix it fresh, as opposed to shipping it in pre mixed – this means you can choose what goes into it, no matter what you need it for.

If you’re constructing in a small area, we have barrow mixing services in Clitheroe to suit you…

Barrow mixing is another one of our most popular services – it’s the same high quality concrete from the mixer, just transporter to the site by our dedicated team using barrows. Although we can only travel 50m with barrows, we aim to help you as much as possible with your project. The concrete is mixed on site, allowing you loads of time to lay your concrete to the level you desire.

No matter which concrete service in Clitheroe you need, we will have something to suit. No matter where you are in the Ribble Valley, you won’t be disappointed by the attentive service we have to offer.