Bury Lancashire

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If you’re in search of ready mixed concrete services in Bury, we can help…

We cater for most areas around the Greater Manchester area, including small towns such as Bury and Bolton.

No matter how big or small your upcoming project is, we have a concreting solution to suit you; from agricultural to commercial, barrow mixing to floor screeding, we have a service to help.

If you’re in the industry currently undergoing a massive project such as a motorway or railway renovation – why not take a look at our ready mixed concerting services?

We can deliver up to 10 cubic meters are one time in our volumetric mixer. All of the concrete is mixed on site freshly, which not only allows more time for you to lay the concrete, it also means you can have a say in what raw materials go into the concrete: for example, if the concrete will be used in a hard wearing area, we can add reinforcing fibres to strengthen the surface of the concrete.

However, if you overestimate how much concrete you need, not to worry – with North West Ready Mix, you only pay for what you lay!

However, if you underestimate the amount of concrete you need, that’s not a problem either, we can simply make some more concrete right there and then, as our concrete comes in a dry mix as opposed to being pre mixed before it is delivered to you. So if you’re short of concrete, we can whip more up instantly; there’s no fussing around having to go back to site to mix more concrete, we can simply sort it there and then, allowing you to get on with your job and finish it as quickly as possible.

However, if you’re just doing a bit of DIY in the garden, we can also cater for you. If it’s a path or drive or maybe a garage base, why not look into our barrow mixing services in Bury?

Barrow mixing allows you to get the same high quality concrete from the mixer; it’s simply transported by our workers using barrows to the site you need it – we aim to be as tidy and efficient as possible, meaning there will be no mess left behind. We barrow each batch where you need, and as it’s freshly mixed, you’ll have loads of time left over to get it laid quickly and neatly.

However, if you want your commercial floor to be extra smooth, have you considered floor screed?

We can deliver floor screed in Bury easily – this service means you can have the smooth floor you’ve been looking for. Our screed is fresh as opposed to pre mixed formulas like many of our competitors offer. As the mix is fresh, you can add whatever you want to the raw material mix to suit your needs. The freshness also allows you more time to lay the floor, leaving you time to make it impeccably neat… Screeding is a mix of sand and cement, perfect for taking moisture out of the floor, ensuring it won’t crack in future.

So, if you want screeding, barrow mixing or ready mixing in Bury – take a look at Ready Mix North West – and remember, you only pay for what you lay!