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Bolton is an industrial town in Greater Manchester, formerly known as part of Lancashire… Whether you live or work here, we will happily deliver concreting solutions in Bolton.

Here at North West Ready Mix, we deliver concrete to much of the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area – no matter where in the M65 corridor you are, we’ll try our best to travel directly to you.

Whether it’s a little bit of DIY you’re about to take on, or it’s industrial work for a business, we will happily cater for you no matter how big or small the job in question is…

Our volumetric mixers can carry up to 10 cubic metres of concrete in one go, so even if it’s a huge project, we’ll get it done quickly and hassle free, so you get get the job done.

Our ready mixed concreting in Bolton is perfect for all types of jobs, even agricultural ones: as many industrial areas will see a lot of traffic over their lifetimes, our ready mix services can be changed to support the environment they will be laid in. We can reinforce concrete with additional fibres in the raw mix to guarantee limited cracking in the years to come…

It’s really easy for us to make concrete to your specification, as we make every mix fresh on site. Not only does this allow you to add more high quality dry materials, it also means it will take longer to dry that if it was pre-mixed – this will allow you to have loads of spare time laying the concrete, so that’s more time to sort out all the lumps and bumps!

However, as we know, every job can be different – if you accidentally order more concrete than you need, we will only charge you for what you use. At Ready Mix North West, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy – so remember, you only pay for what you lay!

On the other hand, if you didn’t order enough ready mixed concrete, we can easily mix some right there and then, saving the hassle of having to come back another day – we aim to help you get the job done as quickly as possible, so if we can help, we will.

If you’re just looking at getting a bit of DIY done in your yard however, we have barrow mix services in Bolton to help you. The concrete will be mixed freshly on site in our mixer, the only difference is, our workers will move the concrete in barrows to make sure we can cater to even the smallest of areas. We pride ourselves on customer service, so we promise we will barrow concrete quickly and tidily; leaving no mess for you to clean up after!

We have many other services for you to choose from, depending on what you need; from foam concreting to floor screeding, here at North West Ready Mix, we know our combination of great customer service and high quality materials make us stand out from the rest. No matter where you are in Greater Manchester or Lancashire, if it’s quality concreting you seek, we are here for you.