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If you’re seeking ready mixed concrete in Blackburn and Darwen, North West Ready Mix can meet your needs.

We have a huge range of ready mix services available to help you along the way with your current projects. Whether that’s a bit of DIY or even building a house, our concreting solutions will match your project perfectly.

Our high quality concrete and ready mix services will come direct to you – we deliver all around Lancashire and the North, and can bring our high tech volumetric mixers to any site requiring our help.

We have a range of concreting solutions to suit every project; if it’s a small domestic area such as your home, why not think about barrow mixing? We can deliver concrete in Blackburn, and all around the North West with our state of the art mixer. The only difference is, you’ll have a group of dedicated workers moving concrete to the location of the task using barrows, instead of getting it direct from the mixer; saving you loads of time shifting it about on your own.

Our barrow mixed concrete is also prepared on site, meaning you’ll have more time to lay your concreting, ensuring it has no lumps or imperfections.

However, if you’re seeking concrete for a big commercial project, our ready mix concreting service is the one for you. When we come to the site, we can bring up to 10 cubic metres of concrete in our mixer at one time and even if you order too much; you’ll only pay for what you lay… This also applies if you don’t order enough concrete… because our materials are dry mixed, we can make more on site to save time re-delivering another day.

If you’re looking for concrete to suit an agricultural project, we can re-enforce your concrete with added fibres, making it heavy duty – perfect for any heavy wearing agricultural area.

On the other hand, we have domestic ready mixed concrete for use in homes and smaller areas; if you have a pathway or driveway that needs concreting, this mix is effective and functional, providing a smooth finish.

Blackburn is one of Lancashire larger towns; bordered by neighbouring Darwen, they make up one unity. Once a former mill town, Blackburn now boasts their own Cathedral, ever extending shopping centre and is the renowned home of Blackburn Rovers…

So if you need concrete delivery in Blackburn or anywhere else in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, we have a concreting solution for you…